Feldman Photography

Photography goes beyond capturing a moment. It is a unique view of life, a perspective of the environment or the personality of an individual. My particular background in the fine arts, healthcare and graphic design helps define my impressions and the images that I capture.


Starting as a child, my photographic experience is not only extensive, but also varied. The various genres have included portraits, sports, nature, landscapes, weddings and events, medical, night, special technique, photojournalism, forensic, commercial, lifestyle, street, travel, architecture, catalog, concerts, fine art, composite and both micro and macro photography. My work has been published around the world in journals, newspapers and personal albums, websites and social media sites and even presented in courtrooms. I was also privileged to be the principle photographer for events at the White House and the Knesset in Jerusalem.


Currently, my photography is primarily social and corporate events, portraits, families and children and some real estate.

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